The North West Ambulance Service and East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust

In Value of Occupational Therapy by COT Editor

Occupational therapists working with paramedics keep more than 75% of callers at home.

The North West Ambulance Service provides a response car and a paramedic, plus one whole time equivalent occupational therapist from East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust.

The aims of the service are to:

  • Reduce unnecessary hospital admission due to social or non-medical factors.
  • Reduce the number of older people presenting at emergency department following a fall.
  • Reduce demand for ambulance response for green category falls incidents.
  • Deliver immediate actions to support older people to remain safely at home following a fall.
  • Signpost and/or refer to appropriate longer term support services

Impact: Pennine Lancashire Falls Response Service – activity in April 2015 
Number of incidents attended – 49 
Number of people who remained at home – 37 ( = 75%)
Saving for non-conveyance – 37 (number) x £217 (Paramedic call out) + £126 (Emergency department tariff) = £12,691

The trust figures for April gave a 51% admission rate for patients aged 65 and over who are conveyed to emergency department/ urgent care centre by ambulance. 51% of Falls Response Service non-conveyance equals 19 patients avoiding hospital admission, which at the lowest healthcare resource group tariff for 5 days or less equates to a saving of £18,696. 

Total saving for April from FRS activity = £31,387. This equates to a potential saving of up to 95 bed days for April.