In Value of Occupational Therapy by COT Editor

Brain Injury Community Team, The Children’s Trust, Surrey

“You guys were the only ones to tell me I wasn’t crazy when things were at their worst, I truly do not know where we would be as a family if we hadn’t found you”

The occupational therapist works within a multi-disciplinary service to assess and improve children’s ability to participate in occupations in different environments i.e. Home, school and in the community. Billy was excluded from school at least once a week, and on three occasions the police were called due to his behaviour. The occupational therapists’ acted as the lead for Billy to support him through a 12 month programme. Through setting goals with Billy and his parents, he was supported to develop strategies to overcome the challenges caused by his brain injury and increase his participation in occupations. As a result Billy has not been excluded from school, he has made friends and he participates in school and family life. He is now being supported by local therapists.

The cost of one exclusion per week would amount £13,650 over one school year. Billy’s occupational therapy interventions cost approximately £2,300 (costs quoted are based on national average data from Unit Costs of Health and Social Care 2015 Compiled by Lesley Curtis and Amanda Burns).