Improving Lives, Saving Money: Putting Prevention at the Heart of Care for Older People

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What is the current situation?

Too often the social care people receive is provided on a reductionist basis driven by what it is most efficient to provide, instead of asking what will keep them healthy and independent for longer. This gap between the service people get and the services they really want leads to costs arising elsewhere. This can trigger a dependence on services that accelerates people’s decline into frailty and to requiring even more expensive support.

What needs to change?

The recommendations in this report present an opportunity to take a step back. To reframe how we approach assessing and providing for people’s needs in older age and the break down the unhelpful barriers to NHS and social care services working seamlessly together. We believe there is the potential to deploy occupational therapists within primary and social care in a new way which reaps long term benefits for individuals and for those funding health and care services.

Watch our video showing how occupational therapists help people to live, not just exist or view the interactive version (please note this is currently unavailable on iOS devices):


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