Get Involved

Our ‘improving lives saving money’ campaign is designed to highlight how deploying occupational therapists in health and social care results in higher quality and more person centred services which are more efficient to deliver long-term.

What can you do?

Members of the College can play a vital part in the campaign by getting involved in promoting the findings of the report with their colleagues, managers and where appropriate, with those who commission, deliver and provide oversight of local health and social care services. There may also be opportunities for occupational therapists to promote the value of their work via the media.

To help you, we have produced a range of materials which you can either download and use straight away or tailor to meet your own needs locally.

You can also help us to promote your work more widely by sending us your service examples. We are looking for data that demonstrates the impact of occupational therapy in our three focus areas:

  • Reducing pressure on primary care either by preventing avoidable admissions to hospital or by preventing delayed transfers of care.
  • Addressing over reliance on social care services
  • Helping older people and people with long term conditions to remain independent and active members of their community for as long as possible

In addition ahead of the next report we would also welcome examples of the value of occupational therapy in mental health services. In particular in relation to supporting children’s mental health  and the promotion of mental wellbeing and prevention.